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The Tannin & Oak Experience

We believe that each bottle tells a story — and we're committed to bringing those stories to life.

At Tannin & Oak, we feature an evolving selection of rare and allocated spirits from around the globe; we aim to showcase the character and craftsmanship behind each spirit that we pour. From small-batch bourbons to artisanal gins, we take great care in honoring the dedication and artistry of the distillers.

We showcase our passion for mixology through our inventive cocktails, carefully crafted with select ingredients, house-made infusions, and artisanal garnishes. We push the boundaries, incorporating new flavors, textures and techniques to create the end result - cocktails that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious.

We are committed to introducing you to an ever-changing selection of varietals, with focus on small, sustainable wineries, from around the globe. We are passionate about showcasing the winemaker, the terroir, and the uniqueness of each varietal.

Welcome to Tannin & Oak!

Cocktail being poured into glass

Signature cocktails crafted with precision and flair

white wine being poured into glass

Tannin & Oak's exclusive wine selection is carefully curated to elevate & educate

Our Top Picks

Liberator Gin

Liberator Old Tom Gin

barrel-aged gin
Valentine Distilling Co.

Waking The Grapevine

Waking The Grapevine

wine barrel-aged beer & wine hybrid ale
Lupulin brewing



signature cocktail featuring Akashi Japanese Whiskey & Sharab Shrubs Asian Pear Ginger Cinnamon

The word on the street

“Step into the epitome of sophistication at Alexandria’s newest high-end cocktail bar. Tannin & Oak is a place where each sip is a symphony of flavors meticulously crafted by local mixologist, Taylor Zitzmann. From the sleek, dimly lit ambiance to the artfully presented drinks, every detail exudes luxury. The extensive menu boasts a curated selection of premium spirits, innovative concoctions, and classic favorites. Tannin & Oak is simply a place for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Cheers to an unparalleled experience of indulgence and refinement at Tannin & Oak”

Erin Berns

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